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Everything we do, is all about you

You are unique.  Are you preparing for retirement? Or for financial independence? Maybe you're already there?  Maybe you're on to your 2nd career? or 3rd?  Do you have kids? Grandkids?  Do you want to leave a legacy? Or enjoy what you've earned? Or both?  How did you attain your wealth?  What are your values?  Do you want to pass those values on?

What We Do

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If you are not yet a client and would like to learn how we may be able to enhance what you've already been able to accomplish; get started today with a complimentary analysis - your analysis will include everything you'll need to determine if we're the right fit for you.

Comprehensive Wealth Management

Just as any successful company has a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to help the owners make good financial decisions - any successful individual, couple or family also needs someone to come alongside them to help them track, navigate and adapt to the complexities of today's world.

This is where we come in: our mission is to help you experience the fruit of a rock-solid financial foundation. With an independence that truly allows us to put our clients first and the resources of an award-winning company behind us, we offer a holistic approach serving in the areas of retirement & investment accounts, retirement income & Social Security, legal & wealth transfer, taxes and insurance.

Learn how we may be able to enhance what you’ve already been able to accomplish - request a Complimentary Analysis.

Professional Investment Management

In today's fast-paced market environment, successful investors need to pay attention every single day.  If you don't have the time or energy to do so, you have several options to choose from - whether you desire an ultra low-cost program like Cruise(SM) or a full-service custom portfolio solution with all the bells & whistles, we'd love the opportunity to help you get your life-savings on the road to a better financial future today.  Open an account now with Cruise(SM) or request a custom (& complimentary) proposal.

Anyone can make money when the markets are going up. What you do when they go down is what can really make a difference.

Cutting Edge Technology

We use technology to support our expertise, not replace it.  As a client, we'll give you the right technology and show you how to use it to:

  • get & stay organized, 
  • reduce your expenses,
  • improve your decisions, 
  • help keep you on track, and
  • much more
We use technology to support our expertise, not replace it.

World-Class Service

If you hire someone else to manage your money for you, you deserve to be communicated with in exactly the way that fits you best.  Through our "Keeping in Touch" campaign, we'll work with you to design a communication package that keeps you in the know without any unnecessary efforts - from one-on-one phone or video calls to face-to-face meetings to flash alert emails to educational luncheons in our training center, you're in charge of how you want to stay informed.  Call anytime and a real person will answer the phone.  Plus, you collaborate with us on your terms - in our office, or online from your home, work or the beach.

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