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At Capital, you'll find a refreshing approach for successfully guiding you to, & through, financial independence.

Consulting Services

($99/mo - no long-term contract - fee waived with $500k+ under management)

  • 24/7 Personal Financial Dashboard: see your entire financial situation in one place, anytime. >> Learn More >>

  • Fee-only Investment Management: as a consulting client, you qualify for our fee-only investment management platform with as little as just a $5k per account minimum
    • Investment Roadmap with Annual Review & Updates
    • Risk # Technology
    • Quarterly Video Statement of Account(s)*
    • Passive, Active & Tactical management solutions
    • no commissions, trading costs, transaction fees, surrender charges or loads, long-term contracts, etc
  • Quarterly Review with a Licensed Investment Professional: track your progress towards all your financial goals and discuss ideas for getting there faster - meet with us virtually from your home or work, or in-person at our offices
  • Monthly Retirement Plan Allocation Recommendations: you’ll receive personalized allocation instructions customized to your retirement plan at work
  • 24/7 Retirement Map online: track your progress towards financial independence and know exactly when you can retire
  • Annual Tax Preparation by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)**: We'll have your tax return prepared by a CPA and help ensure the left hand knows what the right hand is doing
  • Annual Invitation to Client Appreciation Event: Enjoy dinner & spirits on Lake Minnetonka aboard one of Al & Alma’s luxurious yachts – one of the highlights of the year!
  • Reserved Seat on Client Advisory Board: Have a say in the services you receive – we’ll listen.  One of the best ways we can continue to improve the services you receive is to take the time to get your feedback during these annual board meetings
  • Monthly Invitation to Educational Lunch-n-Learn: Come once or every month – either way, lunch is on us!  Each month, learn ideas & practical ways to help get to your next financial level
  • Private Client Group Membership on Facebook: Network with other like-minded people seeking a better financial future.  Ask questions, share ideas, get support and more in this invaluable group
  • More!** Service requests, assistance with completing forms, Concierge Services, complimentary Docubank subscription (store your medical emergency documents electronically for quick & easy access in an emergency), complimentary legal review, complimentary insurance analysis, more…

*available with Passive investment option only at this time

** through a referred Professional

Investment Management

(fee-only, flat %/yr - no commissions, transaction costs, surrender charges or loads, long-term contracts, etc)

  • Annual Performance Review
  • Strategy Conference Calls
  • Newsletter & Email Performance Updates
  • Dedicated Service Professional
  • Link to Bank Account for Easy Transfers
  • Account Billed Directly, No Invoices/Checks


Passive, Active & Tactical Investment Strategy Solutions

Passive: Seeks to deliver returns consistent with an appropriate market index - this solution is similar to most robo-advisers and may be just right for the fee-conscious investor.

Active: Seeks to outperform an appropriate market index over time.  This solution is what you'll find at most financial advisory firms.

Tactical: Seeks to participate in an appropriate market index when rising & protect account values during periods of market decline.  With account minimums reaching down to just $25k, this solution is no longer limited to just affluent, high-net worth investors.

* multiple strategies can be used in a single account to deliver a truly custom overall portfolio.