4/2 Economic Update

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HEADLINES High Gas Prices Don't Dent Personal Spending, How is the Consumer Feeling?, Mortgage Rates Dip Back Under 4%, Durable Goods Orders Up 2.2% for February, A Tremendous Quarter Wraps Up

WEEKLY QUOTE "He who lives by the crystal ball soon learns to eat ground glass." - Edgar Fiedler

WEEKLY TIP At a 4% rate of inflation, expenses will double every 18 years. That's a pretty good argument for growth investing in retirement.

WEEKLY RIDDLE Take one letter out of a 7-letter word and it becomes longer. What is this word?

Last week's riddle: You need to take a gallon of oil out of a barrel of oil. How can you do it using only a 3-gallon container and a 5-gallon container?

Last week's answer: Fill the 3-gallon container with oil and pour it into the 5-gallon container. Then fill the 3-gallon container again and use it to fill the 5-gallon container the rest of the way. One gallon will be left in the 3-gallon container.